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Fall Baseball

Regis Jesuit's fall baseball program includes strength training 2-3 days per week, outdoor team practices on the varsity field, and double headers on Saturdays against local high school competition.  The strength sessions are held inside the school's weight room and is facilitated by our baseball staff.  This allows for "proper baseball lifting" to be conducted avoiding injuries that can result from more of a "football" style weight training session.  The outdoor practices are led by each team's head coach as well as the Varsity Spring coaches.  This program is normally the perfect fit for the majority of our athletes due to the following aspects:

1- Convenience- All practices are held on the Varsity field immediately after school.  Games are all at local schools

2- Team building and relationships - Players that train together and play together start to build a special bond.  They start to play for the team and for each other instead of just themselves.  For new players in the program, it is the perfect opportunity to meet the players and the coaches in the program as well.

3- Development - Players will be coached by our own staff the majority of the time.  This allows for consistency in teaching and gives the players a head start going into the Spring season.

4- Cost- Our program does not include travel and we are not trying to make a profit.  Our costs are generally 25% or less of what local baseball academies charge for their programs.  Spending more money on something does not always mean it is better!

All players in the program will be given an opportunity to participate in some fashion in our program.  Tryouts will be held to determine placement of all players once school has started.


I understand that several families have come from an "academy" type youth experience and have been told/sold on several aspects of fall ball.  I encourage you to email me if you are feeling stressed about making a decison on fall ball or feel like you are concerned that your son will not get what he needs in our program.  I will gladly give you a call to discuss  - Coach Darr     (