Co-Divisional Clubs

Clubs in red below have their own club webpage.

  • A Cappella Club
    This co-divisional club is for students interested in singing a cappella pop music in a mixed choir setting. Beatboxers are welcome. 
  • Art Service Club
    Offers students the opportunity to work on current art projects and provide art services to others.
  • Ceramics
    This club is designed with the thought of finding God in all things. If you talk to anyone who has worked on a pottery wheel, they will tell you that it was one of the most spiritual experiences they have ever had. Just learning to center your clay may take you a week, but as you begin to work at it, you are also learning to center yourselves. This This club is truly for the students and participation is up to them; the only requirement is that the student exercise patients with themselves and explore throwing.
  • Chapel Choir
    This club is open to any student interested in improving his or her vocal talent, opportunities in cantoring, and/or singing liturgical music.
  • Classics Club
    The Regis Classics club is a branch of the Colorado Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League.  The purpose of Classics Club is to promote a more thorough knowledge of classical life, history and literature; to impart a better understanding of the value of classics; and to interest students in classical languages and literature, government, laws, and arts.  Members of Classics Club have the opportunity to participate in the Colorado Junior Classical League Convention in Estes Park, as well as participate in the National Latin Exam, National Mythology Exam, and Roman Civilization Exam among others.
  • Climbing Club
    Climbing club is an open, co-divisional club that allows students to push themselves both physically and mentally. They gain physical strength by balancing, lifting, twisting and pulling themselves up a wall, and mental strength and focus by strategizing, visualizing and pushing through difficult moves to reach the top. And on top of all that we have a great time! We meet inside at a rock gym once a week throughout the school year and finish off the year with an outdoor climbing day at a local crag.
  • Creative Writing Club
    Writers will rotating between writing sessions around a prompt and editing/peer review. Anyone is welcome!
  • Cyber Patriots
    The purpose of this club is for students to gain a better understatnding of both basic and advanced cyber security principles through practices and, eventually, a competition. These principles include more basic concepts, such as passwords (hadhing, etc) to more advanced ones (finding exploitable bugs within an operating system).
  • Design Club
    The design club invites all amateur or adept designers to come and create artwork. Whether it be for school shirts or posters, personal projects, or other commissions, the club aims to create a creative and learning environment for all members.
  • Drama
    The Drama Club has been established to provide an opportunity for students interested in theatre to participate in all aspects of play production.  Students interested in performance, direction, design, technical support, backstage crafts, publicity, etc., are encouraged to join.
  • ESports
    RJ ESports is a club dedicated to competitive video gaming. The club focuses on a number of games (primarily what is a prevalent for MLG) and practices, researches and competes in select games.  The club is also fundamentally concerned with building camaraderie, team sportsmanship and community among gamers.
  • Fencing
     Club meets weekly in the fall semester. All levels of fencers are welcome! Come and learn the sport or get some extra practice in while at school. Our goal is to give every student the opportunity to gain experience in the sport of fencing.
  • Hip Hop
    This is a co-divisional club that addresses the five elements of hip-hop. Music and dance come together in order to experiemtn with sound, movmeent, and the culture of hip hop.
  • Impressions (literary magazine)
    Impressions Magazineis Regis Jesuit High School’s annual literary publication. Compiling the best of RJ students’ art, poetry, and prose, Impressions works to showcase the immense talent of our student body. The Impressions club acquires, selects, and curates student art and lays out the final selections in a professionally published magazine.
  • Jazz Choir
    This club is an extracurricular vocal group for advanced musicians. If you love tight harmonies, syncopated rhythms and vocal performance, Jazz choir is for you.
  • Jewish Culture Appreciation
    This club will meet to explore and discuss the rich traditions of the Jewish Faith and Culture.
  • Justice League
    A club that focuses on education of and advocacy against the injustices in our world today that affect the poor and marginalized.
  • K-drama/K-pop culture
    This club is for those interested in Korean culture. The club will participate in watching dramas and listening to music.
  • Key
    Key Club is an international service organization. We do all kinds of service throughout the Denver area. Many hours will count toward your service hours! Come serve others with us!
  • Mock Trial
    Students prepare and try a case provided by the Colorado Bar Association as they compete with high school students around the state.
  • Model United Nations
    The Model United Nations (Model UN) club is a competitive club that attends local metro meets on approximately six Saturdays per year. The club will focus on current events and the history of diplomacy through the UN.  We will spend some time watching films and movies highlighting world issues and the role of the UN in resolving conflict. A permission slip is required to view the movies. 
  • Mountain Biking Club
    The RJ Mountain bike team will compete against 60 other high school teams in the state of Colorado. The racing season begins in August and finishes up with national championships in October. Races are every other weekend in the mountain counties. Athletes do not need prior racing experience, just a desire to race.
  • Music Production
    Music Production is a collaboration of students interested in making electronic music, hip hop beats, and kickin’ grooves. Students design their music using a variety of software programs, listening and sharing new ideas each week. Often they will provide music for school events and gatherings.
  • Music Service Club
    The Music Service Club  and we go to elderly care facilities to play pieces for the elderly. We meet once a month and we go to the facilities four times during the year. After we have played all of our pieces we stay longer to talk and socialize with the elderly.
  • Pep Band
    Pep Band provides music for football, basketball, and other athletic events. Students who play traditional band instruments (brass, woodwind, and percussion) may join our weekly morning rehearsals. Pep Band plays a variety of tunes from traditional marching music to contemporary arrangements of popular songs.
  • Ping Pong
    A club for players of all levels who want to learn, practice, or improve their ping pong game.
  • Pro-Life Club
    The “RJ Students for Life” club is open to all students. This club seeks to promote the Culture of Life in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Their main goal is to promote the respect for life at all stages and to educate the larger community on life issues. Students will also be helping those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to genuinely and respectfully work with others who may have a different take on the issue.
  • Retro Gaming
    We educate and immerse ourselves in the culture of Retro Gaming. We also provide and enjoyable and competitive environment for enjoying this overlooked pastime.
  • RJ Filmmakers
    The RJ Filmmakers club seeks to provie students with experiences in the film industry, fil making, and the art of cinema. Club membership includes access to the RJ Media and RJTV Studios and equioment, guest speaker workshops and field trips, and the opportunity to work on an original film each semester written, directed, and produced by the club.
  • RJ Media
    Members of RJ Media help report, write, or shoot photos and video for the student news magazine, RJTV, and the online newspaper You can choose what you want to do and how much you would like to contribute. Write your own columns, produce a podcast radio show, be an entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, or sports reporter. Review movies, books, or concerts; be a freelance photographer, promoter, graphic artist or designer, broadcast live events, and much more! It is all up to you. RJ Media publications are by the students for the students. The publications aim to inform, to entertain, and to give a voice to the RJHS student body.
  • RJTV Sports Network
    The RJTV Sports Network broadcasting club is open to all students. The club produces news and feature packages, and live and on demand events of athletic events and other RJHS events. The club also helps to run RJTV and  Students in the broadcasting club learn video production, research, writing, public speaking and announcing skills. Students may specialize as news or sports anchors, commentators, producers, writers; or in commentating, statistics, camera operation and other techie jobs. It's real. It's exhilarating. It's TV.
  • Robotics
    Regis Jesuit Robotics Club is a year round club, with the build season and competition in the International First Robotics Competition occurring in the spring semester. We inspire the pursuit of excellence while maintaining a lighthearted yet goal-oriented atmosphere. As a team it is our goal to take pride in every accomplishment and develop a deeper connection the world with a passion that will expand the ideals of FIRST and lead to a better tomorrow. In order to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders,  we hope to foster in everyone well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Lastly, through our pursuit of excellence, we strive to improve the world around us.
    • Moderators: Mr. Jasinowski, Mrs. Mattacchione and Mrs. Jenkins
  • Rowing
    Rowing club is open to all students interested in the sport of rowing/crew. We encourage physical fitness and active living by teaching proper rowing and erg technique. We strive to promote the sport of rowing, sportsmanship, and teamwork. We practice Monday mornings at 6:30 am and train to compete both on the water and at the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships.
  • Sci-Fi Club
    We watch a varied assortment of classic and current sci-fi TV shows during lunches. We will also try to arrange meet-ups at movies and conventions. There will also be discussion groups covering some sci-fi lit and short stories, to be determined by the officers and members during the course of the year.
  • Songwriters Club
    This co-divisional club is for students interested in writing and performing their own music as well as collaborating with other songwriters and lyricists.
  • Sound
    Students will familiarize themselves with how to set up and break down the sound equipment properly, control sound levels during the event, and retain the quality of the speaker systems. We will have lunch meetings once a week to prepare for what events are coming up.
  • Special Olympics
    Support of the Special Olympics program through volunteering at various Special Olympic events during the school year. 
  • Speech & Debate
    RJHS Speech and Debate is an academic/extracurricular activity for students interested in competive speaking and debating. If you are interested in a future career in law/business or want to improve your speaking skills - this club is for you. Students can letter in Speech and debate and earn their membership in the National Speech and Debate Association - the national honor society for students of speech and debate.
  • STEM Center/Tech Support
    The STEM Center is for all students interested in technology. Students in the STEM Center will also host specific projects and events which will be scheduled based on need.
  • S.T.E.M.
    The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) club encourages participation in STEM through various STEM related competitions, STEM career speakers and a wide array of opportunities such as traveling to schools to speak about STEM to prospective students. This club encourages the use of critical thinking skills in order to sole everyday problems. Joining STEM club is a great to gain exposure to STEM, and we encourage anyone who wants to make a positive difference to join.
  • Strategic Gaming
    This club meets weekly during lunch to play complex card, deck-building and board games during lunch. If you have a game you love, come to a meeting and we can gauge interest! We will also have periodic after-school meetings to support longer campaigns and games. Possible meet-ups at gaming tournaments to be planned by the officers and members though out the year.
  • Student Council (application only)
    This elected group is the voice of the student body and is responsible for student-driven activities at the school.
  • Tap
    This will teach the history and basic techniques of tap dancing to anyone interested. This club will work to spread awareness and appreciation of tap as an entertaining, originally American for of art.
  • Ultimate Frisbee
    This club provides students with an opportunity to learn how to play ultimate frisbee. The club will meet once a month at lunch time to learn fundamentals of the game and play for fun. We would like to increase participation and commitment to form a team to eventualy compete against other high schools.
  • Women's Homeless Initiative
    The Women’s Homeless Initiative is a consortium of churches working together to give sanctuary and hospitality every night to women who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. WHI offers these women a chance to be known, heard and cared for with compassion, dignity, respect and presence of heart. Regis Jesuit students work with St. Ignatius of Loyola (the Jesuit parish in Denver) to provide a warm welcome to the 25 women they host. We set up cots for the women to sleep, help serve dinner and then we sit and share a meal with them while we get to know who they are.
  • Yearbook
    Yearbook club provides students with the opportunity to have input in how the yearbooks are produced.  Members work to help put together our school yearbooks.  Students will be instructed / expected to take photos, do interviews, and help to produce layouts for the yearbook.
  • Young Politics
    A club based around conversation and sharing ideas to bring awareness to current political topics and issues.
    • Moderator: Mr. Werblyo