Bookstore Procedures

As in years past, students and their families will continue to access information about their textbooks online from MBS Direct, an online textbooks distributer. The site is especially designed for Regis Jesuit and will offer books in multiple formats: etext, ebook, new, used et al. Though MBS will often list different format options, families are asked to purchase the digital options where available.

Books are listed in a clearly organized format separated between the Girls Division and the Boys Division for easy reference. Materials needed for each course are also listed and easy click menus assist in ordering.

The site will open in mid-July. Though the turnaround from order to shipment is advertised to be 24 hours, please plan to order before the end of the summer.

To Purchase Your Books

  • Make sure you have a copy of your schedule, it can be viewed on RaiderNet. You should also have your students RJHS email address in case you need to assign digital content.
  • The website address is (Or you can click on the books above.)  Choose Let's Get Started.
  • Make sure the correct term is listed.
  • Choose either Boys Division or Girls Division and select the courses listed on your schedule in order to purchase your books.


  • There are links on the MBS site to take families to other sites (i.e. iBooks, Amazon, Kindle) for book purchases. Please be aware of these links. The books families purchase will be provided in many different formats (including those listed above and Open Source, PDF, etc). Book purchases will all start at the MBS website and, from there, families may be directed to other, online locations.
  • Please carefully read the Student Messaging for each course.
  • A few texts will be available from teachers in the fall. Texts of this sort will, primarily, be Open Source materials and free of charge to students. Teachers will provide links to them.
  • Used books, where they are available, will go quickly. If you are interested in purchasing used books, please order books early!
  • Some books have a rental options, please visit the MBS website to review all details regarding the rental program or call the MBS Customer Care line with questions at 1.800.325.3252.
  • Some courses will have a fee charged for an item that will be picked up at Regis Jesuit in the fall. Your son or daughter will need to bring the receipt from his or her book purchase to receive the item.
  • If courses are not listed, there are no books to be purchased for the course. Some materials will be available at Regis Jesuit at the beginning of the school year and will not be purchased through MBS Direct. You may be asked to pay for a few items at the beginning of the school year. Regis Jesuit works very hard to minimize these sorts of items.
  • Families who wish to purchase books from outlets other than MBS MUST use an ISBN number available on the MBS Website. Please use these ISBN numbers so you can be sure you’re purchasing the correct edition of books.
    • If you purchase books from other providers, please be aware of the following:
      • Any books purchased from other providers cannot be re-sold to MBS Direct in our EZ Drop at the end of May of the current school year.
      • Books purchased from other providers may not be the correct edition of the text as Regis Jesuit has no influence or control over the merchandise of other providers.
      • Neither Regis Jesuit nor MBS can be helpful in any potential issues of shipment or delay with outside providers.
    • Students are expected to bring all required textbooks to school for the first day of class.

Need Help Accessing your MBS Books on an iPad?
View this tutorial.

Need Help Accessing your Vital Source Content?
View this tutorial.

To Sell Back your MBS Books
Regis Jesuit will partner with MBS to collect any books that you will be selling back to MBS Direct at the end of the current school year.  Please watch the Red & White for more information in May.

Special Financial Arrangements
Please contact Mr. Bob Capstick in the Business Office at 303.269.8048 if you need to make special financial arrangements to purchase your books.

If you have other questions, please email