Ignatian iPad Program

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iPad Specifications


  • We recommend the iPad Air 2 (latest generation is best) with a minimum of 32GB memory
    • Our recommendation for the iPad Air 2 or newer is based up the continual updating of iOS. With the latest sets of updates, the first two generations of iPads are no longer compatible with many of our required apps, thus they cannot be used at Regis Jesuit. As we have no control of the updating schedule or when Apple may phase out iOS updates for the iPad 4th Generation, we strongly recommend the purchase of an iPad Air or newer.
    • Due to the size of eBooks and the data space necessary for class projects and assignments, 16 GB cannot sufficiently support the usage that will be required by students.
    • Students may buy and use the iPad Pro. We do not require this version as it increases the cost.
    • Students may buy and use the most recent iPad Mini, however we do not recommend the iPad Mini due to the following:
      • Notes and quizzes may be difficult to read/see because of the smaller screen
      • In some cases eBooks have had compatibility issues
  • Wi-Fi (you do not need a 3G/4G contract, unless you personally choose to do so)
  • 32 GB memory minimum
  • Screen protection: There are many brands of screen protectors to pick from and you can find them in any retailer selling iPad supplies.
  • Keyboard: Some students benefit from the use of a keyboard for notetaking and assignment completion. While not required, they do help many students.
  • Case:Students are required to provide a case for their iPad. In selecting a case, the two important elements are: (1) protection for the screen and (2) impact protection at the corners. Here are some suggested cases:

Required Apps

Below, find the current list of required apps. Please check back often to see if apps have been added to the list.

Fees may apply




  • AppleCare+ Apple’s own insurance plan that covers such things as breakage, etc. http://www.apple.com/support/products/ipad.html
  • Check your own home insurance policy to see if it covers devices such as iPads
  • If you buy your iPad from Apple, have them engrave your name on the back of the iPad

Recommended Apps

Below, find the apps that we are recommeding for students. Please check back often to see if apps have been added to the list.