Mission Week—March 21-24

All proceeds of Mission Week will be evenly distributed between our missions in Nicaragua, Guatemala, New Orleans, and Christ in the City in Denver.

Monday, March 21—MONDAY MADNESS

  • Dress Down Option: Students will wear their favorite team jersey with jeans OR sweats
  • Lunch Activity: Faculty vs. Students Basketball in Guy Gibbs '47 Gym (BD)
    This event is FREE to attend with wristband, OR $2.00 to enter (both playing and watching).

Tuesday, March 22—COMFY COZY TUESDAY

  • Dress Down Option: Students will be allowed to wear their most comfy clothing, ideally new Mission Week sweats/hoodies (see dress perimeters below regarding items not allowed).
  • Lunch Activity: Movie/Bake Sale in GD Gym
    This event will be FREE to attend with wristband, or $2.00 to enter.


  • Dress Down Option: Students will be allowed to wear their favorite “old school” majestic tee shirt (Think wolves, unicorns, stallions, cats, etc.) with jeans or sweats
  • Lunch Activity—Dance Off in The Z
    ALL are welcome to participate, MUST register early.
    Teams will pay $10 per team to enter and will prepare TWO dances.
    This event will be FREE to attend with wristband, followed by VOTING WITH MONEY for the best dance (no change will be accepted). The winning team will get ALL MONEY RAISED to place in their class’ penny jar container (If groups are mixed grade levels, money will be split evenly for each grade level represented).


  • Dress Down Option: Students will be allowed to wear their best Colorado gear, from head to toe.
  • Academy Period Activity: Auction
    Students will have the opportunity to bid on items; a list of items will be available prior to the auction.
    All money is DUE one week after Mission Week; after money is collected, students may contact the teacher to collect their prize.
  • Lunch Activity: Chalk Drawing Competition
    ALL students are welcome to purchase a square of concrete outside the Steele Center to decorate (appropriately) for $2.00 per square; students may work in groups of up to five.
    During lunch on Thursday, students will judge the competition by donating money to the BEST square; that money will be ADDED as a POSITIVE to the winner’s class penny jar container.

Week Long Activities

  1. Privilege to eat/drink in class (BY TEACHER ONLY!)
    1. If a teacher would like to participate, he/she may determine an amount that the class will need to donate to get this privilege.
    2. Teachers must contact Activities Directors to inform them of their participation in this privilege.
  2. Pay to DJ (Occurs in the weeks BEFORE Mission Week)
    1. As StuCo sells wristbands, they will put out buckets to collect money and a list for song requests.
    2. If students can raise $250 BEFORE MW, StuCo will create a playlist from requested song list to use during passing periods throughout Mission Week.
    1. Each class will get a container in the Steele Center to add PENNIES (positive)
    2. During the week, other classes can place anything other than pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars) to subtract from their total
    3. The class with the HIGHEST amount at end wins a prize (TBD)
  4. Dress Down Wristbands/Clothing items—SOLD Monday, March 7 through Friday, March 18
    1. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a wristband PRIOR to Mission Week for the following amounts below:
      1. No wristband: $5.00 per day 
      2. Just wristband: $15
      3. Wristband + T-Shirt: $25
      4. Wristband + Sweats: $30
      5. Wristband + T-Shirt + Sweats: $35


Two Mile FUN RUN/WALK 12:00 pm $20/participant

  • START LINE—Upper Football Field
  • FINISH LINE— Crosswalk near tennis courts
  • CELEBRATION—McNicholas Green

*Parking available in BD parking lot only.

There will be a short celebration with snacks following the race as well as a free Kids 50-yard Dash Fun Race at 12:45 pm for children 10 years and younger.