What is codivisional education?

Regis Jesuit High School provides single-gender education by operating as two separate and distinct divisions—the Boys Division and the Girls Division. Each has its own principal, administrative team, faculty and staff. As such Regis Jesuit is able to provide its students with the best of both worlds—a structured single-gender academic environment during the school day with co-ed co-curricular and social opportunities outside of school hours.

Regis Jesuit prepares its students to excel in college and beyond by developing students with critical minds and the ability to think and succeed on their own. In addition, students have all of the advantages of co-educational interaction without the social pressures in the classroom. With the boys and girls in separate classrooms within each Division building for the majority of their instruction, students have a choice of when and how they socialize during break times, at lunch and after the school day ends.