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Girls Division Full Course Catalog

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Classical & Modern Languages

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages at Regis Jesuit High School prepares students to live in a global, multilingual world by offering an academically rigorous and culturally enriching program in French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish with courses from beginning through Advanced Placement.


The English Department’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for college and the years beyond. Students follow a four-year sequence of courses which includes English 1, British and World Literature, American Literature and senior electives.

Fine Arts & Media Technology

The Regis Jesuit Fine Arts and Media Technology Department preserves and cultivates the distinguished tradition of excellence in creative, humanistic and Jesuit education.



As an academic discipline, mathematics shapes and sharpens the rational capabilities of the mind. It is a mode of thinking which empowers the individual to absorb new ideas, adapt to rapid change, cope with ambiguity, recognize patterns, solve unconventional problems, analyze complexity, work with abstract concepts and relationships, detect bias, assess risks and suggest alternatives.

Performing Arts

The Regis Jesuit Performing Arts Department preserves and cultivates the distinguished tradition of excellence in creative, humanistic and Jesuit education.

Physical Education

The physical education curriculum provides a wide range of courses to promote wellness of the mind and body so that every student may find something they are interested in. The goal of our fitness classes is to improve fitness levels by incorporating the five components of fitness including cardiovascular, endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and nutrition.


The Regis Jesuit High School Science Department provides a strong college preparatory curriculum to meet the varied needs of the Regis Jesuit students. Upon graduation the student will have the knowledge and skills needed for college success.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department in the Girls Division offers a variety of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of history and society as well as the geographical and political world.


The Theology Department seeks to assist each young woman in the development of her spiritual life. The department strives to cultivate a climate in which personal faith can grow from the knowledge presented from the Catholic-Christian perspective.