Boys Division Classical & Modern Language Department

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages at Regis Jesuit High School prepares students to live in a global, multilingual world by offering an academically rigorous and culturally enriching program in French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish with courses from beginning through Advanced Placement. Depending on student enrollment, the department also offers one full year of Greek as an elective. The faculty teaches to all four fundamental communication skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, using a variety of sources and forms of comprehensible input in the target language. In the first two years of study at Regis Jesuit, students acquire a broad range of practical vocabulary, knowledge of basic grammar structures, and an introduction to the culture(s) of the target language studied. In the upper division courses vocabulary is strengthened, idiomatic structures are introduced, advanced grammar is covered in depth, and the skills of reading and writing are emphasized. All classes incorporate the values of Jesuit education and reinforce the school motto of men and women for others. The philosophy of the department is that every successful student of language eventually moves from the classroom to the world and becomes a diplomat for peace, social justice and education.

PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoTomasGallegosClassical & Modern Lang. Dept. Chair - Boys Division
PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoAndrewCarrollLatin Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoDianaGonzalesFrench Teacher
PhotoJoeyLechuga'03Latin Teacher...
PhotoJianLinMandarin Teacher
PhotoMariaLynchSpanish Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoColleenMaySpanish Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoMindiPhippsSpanish Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoChrisVelaSpanish Teacher - Boys Division...
PhotoAliciaZieglerSpanish Teacher - Boys Division