Boys Division Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department at Regis Jesuit High School is designed to fulfill the needs of college-capable students of varying mathematical abilities. We offer a multi-sequence program of courses to provide each student a demanding, rewarding and relevant mathematical education based upon his aptitude and achievement.

Course offerings are also based on the belief that a broad knowledge of mathematical concepts is necessary for intellectual satisfaction and appreciation of life in today's world. Few disciplines can rival mathematics in its ability to stimulate the inquiring mind and to engender recognition of the efficacy of logical reasoning. Through our curriculum, we endeavor to develop students as effective and creative problem solvers.

We expect that, according to the level of their abilities and future needs, students will be proficient in the mathematical skills required of college preparatory students. We also envision that the students develop an awareness and an appreciation of the power, value and elegance of mathematics. In addition, the Mathematics Department strives to develop a strong spirit of intellectual curiosity and to develop the confidence in each student to be a creative problem solver. The implementation of graphing calculators will enable each student to adapt to the increasing demands of the workplace.

1. To have the student acquire the concepts and skills contained in each course.
2. To develop in the student the ability to apply mathematical knowledge and processes to practical problems and original situations. In short, to become effective problem solvers.
3. To promote in the student the ability to reason logically and accurately.
4. To engender in the student an appreciation of the value and elegance of mathematical concepts.
5. To instill in the student an awareness of the power of his mind as he explores and discovers the design, beauty, and logic of mathematics; therefore, strengthening the student's mathematical confidence.
6. To provide a strong preparation for college level mathematics and real world settings.
7. To encourage effective communication in mathematics.
8. To develop in the student the ability to function in a technological society.


PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoLauraJonesMath Dept. Chair / Head Tennis Coach - Boys Division
PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoCandaceBusselmaierMath Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoSteveCavnarMath Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoKristiGaussMath Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoMattHofkesMath Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoPaulMalsam'83Math Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoKelliMattacchioneMath Teacher
PhotoLaRaeOnoratoMath Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoKristinRepaciMath Teacher - Boys Division