Boys Division Social Studies Department

The Social Studies curriculum offers both a strong core and a unique list of special focus subjects that will fulfill the student's needs and interests. Students will experience classrooms filled with topics of a political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic nature, all delivered through varied methodologies from lectures, to discussions, to seminars. Classrooms are student-centered, giving students continuous opportunities for dynamic learning. Social Studies classes are structured with an emphasis on: recognizing cause and effect, chronology and thematic organization, evolution and connection among world cultures, the interaction of political institutions, formulation and articulation of students' perspectives, processes and resources of social scientific inquiry, multicultural awareness, religion and philosophy as historical catalysts, and the student's role as a citizen of the United States and the world community.
Three credits are required for graduation. Advanced Placement classes are available beginning sophomore year. Students who have enrolled in AP level courses are strongly encouraged to prepare to take the Advanced Placement examinations that are administered to high school students across the nation in May each year.


PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoChrisWalsweerSocial Studies Dept. Chair - Boys Division
PhotoNicknameLast NameAlumnusPosition
PhotoAlisonBlancSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoKatiDoraisSocial Studies Teacher - Girls Division...
PhotoJasonEll'04Social Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoCurtisHolmesSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoHeidiKabadiSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoBillKehrmanSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoAnthonyMattacchioneService Director - Boys Division...
PhotoDanSageSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division
PhotoRickWerbyloSocial Studies Teacher - Boys Division