Homecoming Spirit Week

Theme: Holla-Halloween

Spirit Week is September 25-30 with the Homecoming Game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday, September 30. All students from both Divisions are invited to participate.

General Expectations

  • All clothing MUST be appropriate and not revealing, offensive, vulgar, dangerous or suggestive of violence is NOT allowed.
  • Weapons of any sort, real or fake are NOT allowed.
  • No masks or face paint
  • Yoga pants and pajamas are NEVER allowed.
  • Jeans are allowed as long as they do not have holes or frayed areas and must be part of the daily themed attire.
  • Clothing/costumes must be modest and cover all body parts that are not allowed to be exposed during a regular school day.
  • Students MUST be in the Spirit Day Dress theme or regular Dress Code - no Raider Day option allowed except for Friday (see below).

Daily dress

  • Mad Scientist Monday: Come dressed as a mad scientist. Wear a lab coat, big glasses, messy hair or anything else Victor Frankenstein would wear!
  • Time Tuesday:
    • Freshmen-Toddlers
    • Sophomores-Pre-teens/teens
    • Juniors-Working adults
    • Seniors-Senior citizens
  • Partner/Group Costumes Wednesday: Get together with a crew and plan out those costumes!
  • Thriller Thursday: Dress as anything scary or anything from the 1980s era
  • Raider Day Friday: Red and White RJ gear