Homecoming Spirit Week

Theme: Lost in the Stars

Spirit Week is October 10 to October 15 with the Homecoming Game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday, October 15. All students from both Divisions are invited to participate.

General Expectations

  • All clothing MUST be appropriate and not revealing, offensive, vulgar, dangerous or suggestive of violence is NOT allowed.
  • Weapons of any sort, real or fake are NOT allowed.
  • No masks or face paint
  • Yoga pants and pajamas are NEVER allowed.
  • Jeans are allowed as long as they do not have holes or frayed areas and must be part of the daily themed attire.
  • Clothing/costumes must be modest and cover all body parts that are not allowed to be exposed during a regular school day.
  • Students MUST be in the Spirit Day Dress theme or regular Dress Code - no Raider Day option allowed except for Friday (see below).

Daily dress and activities

  • Monday, October 10
    Star Wars, Star Trek, Planets: Break out your best Star Wars/Star Trek costume, or your favorite Star Wars/Star Trek tee shirt, OR dress like a planet!
    Lunch Activity: Faculty Production of Star Wars
  • Tuesday, October 11
    Freedom Friday on a Tuesday: Break out those patriotic, God Bless America shirts and pants! Anything red, white, and blue goes!
    Lunch Activity: Balloon Toss
  • Wednesday, October 12
    Decades Day: Choose your very favorite decade and go all out! Some ideas: 50s Poodle Skirts, 90s white wash denim, you get the idea. . .
    Lunch Activity: Candy Search
  • Thursday, October 13
    Super Hero Day: Choose your very favorite super hero and dress up like her/him! Or, just wear a super hero tee shirt and jeans!
    Lunch Activity: Teacher vs Student Kickball game
  • Friday, October 14
    RAIDER DAY: Wear your Raider gear and then voila!! You are already dressed up for the HOME RJ Football game! 
    We will be having a special schedule with a school wide carnival in the afternoon. Listen to announcements for more information.
  • Saturday, October 14
    Homecoming Dance
    More information on the Dances page