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Welcome to our FAQs page where we will provide you with important information that you might need. Please email the Webmaster for ideas on what other resources we can add here. 


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Where can I find information on the absence policy, tardy policy, demerits and other important school policies?
The Dean of Students will determine if absences are excused or unexcused. Examples of “excused” absences are periods or days missed due to illness or injury, school field trips, and medical appointments. Makeup privileges will be granted for excused absences, but the student must work with teachers in a timely manner to receive appropriate credit. For further information on excused and unexcused absences, tardies, demerits and other attendance policies, please see the Student Handbook.

What is a JUG?
The term JUG is derived from the Latin word jugum, meaning yoke or burden, and refers to disciplinary consequences assessed at Jesuit schools. (Many students also refer to JUG as "Justice Under God.") Regis Jesuit’s disciplinary policies are posted in further detail in our Student Handbook and on the student demerit cards.

What should I do if my student has an issue regarding an academic matter?
From the Student Handbook
In order to foster a spirit and expectation of self-advocacy for students, the norm for communication will be that the student will communicate directly with a teacher regarding questions of grades, academic expectations, policies and discipline. If any issue remains unresolved, the student and teacher may involve other parties to help reach a common solution. After the student-teacher contact, the chain of communication should first involve parents and the respective department chair, then the student’s counselor and then the appropriate administrator. If it is necessary to bring the problem to an administrator, issues regarding academics and grades should involve the Academic Assistant Principal; issues regarding faculty or curriculum should involve the Assistant Principal for Faculty and Curriculum; and issues regarding attendance and discipline should involve the Dean of Students. Issues that are not resolved only after utilizing this order of communication may be referred to the Principal.

Where can I find information on late starts, school events and other important dates?
Main calendar


What number do I call if my student will be late for school or absent all day?
303.269.8002 Boys Division Attendance
303.269.8102 Girls Division Attendance

How do I arrange to pick my student up early?
If a student must leave school early, the student must have a note from a parent or guardian or have a parent call before leaving school. In addition, an early dismissal slip from the Dean’s Office in the Boys Division or Attendance Desk in the Girls Division must be picked up and given to the student’s teacher. Please note that only persons authorized by custodial parents in writing will be allowed to pick up a student during the school day.


What number do I call if my son will be late for school or absent all day?

What number do I call for general questions or to be directed to a specific department or office? 

Business Office                                

Where can I find tuition and billing information?
The Business Office is open year-round and services both Divisions. If you have any questions related to tuition or your payment plan, please contact Bob Capstick at or 303.269.8048. You may also find information on tuition and tuition assistance on our Admissions page.

Contact Coaches/Teachers

How do I contact coaches or teachers? 
For teachers, you may look them up using our online Faculty & Staff Directory. Coaches' information may be looked up via our Athletics section of the website.


Where can I find updates on any construction along Arapahoe or Parker roads?

Course Catalog

Where can I find the Course Catalog?
You can find the Course Catalog by clicking on RaiderNet, in the left navigation of the Parent Online Community. Once in RaiderNet, click "Registration," "Course Catalog" to see a list of courses alphabetically.


Where do I find registration and course enrollment information?
Registration and enrollment information is directly communicated to parents via the Red & White email blasts at key times during the year. Enrollment, registration and tuition payment deadlines are also posted on our main calendar.

Emergency Text Messages

How do I opt in to receive emergency text messages from SchoolMessenger?
• Please send a text message to this number: 67587. The text message should say one of these words: ‘Yes’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Opt-in’.  
• Once you opt-in, you will receive this standard text message from the system: “You are registered to receive approximately three messages/month. Text STOP to quit, HELP for help.” We will not be sending three messages per month, but this is a mandated message that is required by all cell phone carriers in order for us to use this system.


What number do I call if my daughter will be late for school or absent all day?

What number do I call for general questions or need to be directed to a specific department or office? 

Can I send my daughter flowers on her birthday/Valentine’s day?
We do not accept deliveries for students.


What kind-of student accident insurance does the school carry?
Each student is enrolled in an accident insurance program paid for by Regis Jesuit High School. This supplemental accident insurance is for year-round, school-sanctioned activities, including sports. The coach, teacher, dean or administrator who has knowledge of the student’s accident files an accident/insurance report, and a copy is sent to the parents. Parents complete their portion of the insurance report and send it with details of any un-reimbursed medical bills directly to the supplemental insurance carrier (Christian Brothers) for consideration. There are specific reporting deadlines which must be met. Parents should call the Business Office at 303.269.8048 with any questions about the student accident insurance plan.


Can I come eat lunch with my daughter/son? 
We have a closed campus with limited space for our students to eat lunch. If you would like to eat lunch with your student, consider calling the attendance line and taking them off campus for lunch.


How do I access Naviance?
While logged onto the website, click on the Academics tab and then select Counseling. Here you will find a Naviance/College Search page. Click on the Boys Division or Girls Division link to access. Naviance is a program used for career/college research and a record keeping program for college application process. You will be redirected to the Family Connection website where you will be requested to log in. Naviance requires a counselor-generated username and password to log in. This is different than the Regis Jesuit website login. View Tutorial


How do I access RaiderNet?
Once you are logged into the website, RaiderNet may be accessed under the Parent Online Community. Parents and students have online access to their academic information, including grades, attendance, conduct, report cards, assignments, course catalog, and transcripts. Students may also submit online course requests and email teachers. View Tutorial

How do I change my home screen view in RaiderNet?
In RaiderNet, if you would like to show second semester grades and schedule, click on My Settings, Customize Home and change 'Show Averages Using' to 2nd Sem.

Raider Shop


Where is the Raider Shop located?
The Raider Shop is on the first floor of the Steele Center.

When is the Raider Shop open? 
Daily 12:00-4:00 pm when school is in session. It is also open for special events like Back-to-School and New Raider Nights and before home football games. Check the Raider Shop webpage,, for more details. 


How do I update my information (address, phone, etc...)? 
You can now do that all online. In the Parent Online Community, you will see a link to View/Edit your Profile on the left-hand menu.

User ID and Password

How do I log into the website?
Click “Login” or “Parents” at the top of any Regis Jesuit webpage. View Tutorial

What do I do if I forgot my User ID and/or password?
Please visit the "Login' page and click, "Forgotten Password." If you don’t remember your User ID and/or password, click “Forgotten Password” and type in your email address to have them both sent to you. View Tutorial

How do I change my password?
You can change your password by visiting the Change Password page located in the left navigation of the Parent Online Community.

Forms and Documents

Dress Code

Boys Division Student Handbook

Girls Division Student Handbook 

Medical Forms - can be found on the Nurse's page

Parking and Advanced Absence Forms may be found on the Dean's Office page along with additional information            

The Honor Roll is posted at the end of each semester on a secure page of the website: It is broken into three subsets as follows:

  • Highest Honors - a grade point average greater than or equal to 4.00
  • First Honors - a grade point average greater than or equal to 3.50, but less than 4.00
  • Second Honors - a grade point average greater than or equal to 3.00, but less than 3.50

Important Forms are also on the Dean's Office and the Health pages.