History of the RJ Logo

Legend has it that in the mid-1990s on a hot late summer day in early football season, the varsity team was applying decals to their freshly-reconditioned helmets in preparation for the season. Each player was issued a white sticker of the hanging RJ to apply to his helmet. One player was mistakenly issued an extra sticker, which he in turn applied to the rear window of his car. With that single innocuous move, one of the most recognizable visible traditions of Regis Jesuit High School was born. 

Though the hanging RJ logo has only been around for 20 or so years, it has become the most recognizable symbol of our school and its impact on our community. The sticker has been issued to every new Regis Jesuit student for more than a decade. You can spot it on cars, bikes, skis and even boats all over the Metro Denver area. We invite you to help us show the full depth and breadth of the Regis Jesuit community by placing an RJ sticker on your own vehicle of choice. Then look for it elsewhere around town, or even in other parts of the country, and strike up a conversation, swap stories and share a laugh.

We hope this will provide us all with a better grasp the impact this community has had and continues to have nearly 140 years after the founding of this school. Being a member of the Regis Jesuit community means you have become part of something more. 

Want an RJ sticker to display or have something to add to this story, contact communications@regisjesuit.com.

We will update this page as we learn more about the history of this symbol of our identity.